Dramatic Past seeking Attention

Dramatic Present is where we live Walking ahead towards our future But what about past ??? It’s angry because it didn’t last. . . Devil smile on, it walks towards you For it’s pleasure it gives nightmares too For the deeds of the dead will never be forgotten For the dead past will have present […]

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The Wind that Blew Her Away

Wind Dad’s little princess Mom’s heartbeat They were all she needed to live for But then the wind blew fast Then her dreamworld didn’t last The wind took them away from her And she was left forever forlorn Now in the world she lives all alone Struggling to survive in the cruel world But she […]

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the Mask she Wears

That smile. . . Yeah that smile hides her fears Those eyes. . . Very well they hide her tears Those lips. . . They know what not to say For if smile and eyes could speak as said They’ll give up about the lie they say She hides her demons deep inside Let them […]

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Elusive Love

Elusive She’s his calm He’s her laugh Holding hands, life would be no longer tough They talked, they laughed Never questioning each other’s past They both knew they needed each other They both knew how happy they were together In the midst of their dark abyss They found how being together feels People stared. . […]

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Slowly But Surely

Slowly About 5 months ago, I met an accident and broke my right foot. For 2 months I stayed at home, bedridden with a plastered leg. The only visits made were to the hospital. There was no sign of me getting better. When even after removing plaster my foot couldn’t handle any weight, the doctor […]

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Carefree World

Carefree When we first read the word “Carefree “, the only thing that comes to our mind is CHILDHOOD. When we were young and free, away from the reality. We lived in our own world where mom was The Queen, dad The King and we Prince or Princess. That was our dream world. That was […]

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Message In a Bottle

September 25, 1995 Dear Catherine, A month has passed since I’ve written, but it has seemed to pass much more slowly. Life passes by now like the scenery outside a car window. I breathe and eat and sleep as I always did, but there seems to be no great purpose in my life that requires […]

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Guitar Love

I’ve friends who play awesome Guitar. But I could never. Not because I am not good enough to learn but I never owned one. And as they played their fingers through the strings, I heard the music. Closing my eyes I would cherish how beautiful they played. And I would go noting the beautiful rhythm […]

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The Lab Pikachu

Pikachu. . . Most of us know him. Afterall most of us have grown watching cartoons. I still watch it. Not because I’m a very big fan of it but because I just love the idea of how carefree we were as kids. So why not now ???  Where did we lose our innocence. Did […]

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