Moon-Love of Stars

Moon Beautifull moon shining brightly in the dark sky Beautifull moon is the love of the stars They have their light But they make the moon shine bright They’re the hope in its dark world We look out at the moon Lay beneath it with the love of our life Have you ever wondered why??? […]

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Your words haunt Me

Ghost You said you hated me You said I spoiled your life I said nothing You walked away as I waited for a final goodbye I stood there silent for minutes But you never looked back But at night when the flashback played in my mind, know that it hurted. Am I not good enough […]

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She craves for his words

Craving He calls her Hope He calls her My Dearest Dear Losing him is one of her fears His words soothes her soul His laugh makes her giggle To her smile, his words are like a trigger His words are what brought them together His words help her to be better His words are what […]

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