What Did I Want More?

And what did I want more? Other than just a full day to myself all alone. But I guess your insecurities have no bound. It’s less of my wants and more of my needs A whole day of being just me, Laying in bed, Doing nothing, Scrolling social media sites at times, Numb faced looking […]

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Do I Know You Enough?

Should I start to explain how I feel? Do I know you enough to do so? Yeah, I know you. All to well to know not to do so. I know not to let the curtain fall down For you are seated with the same old audience. I know not to let the truth be […]

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HOPE in a Dark World

Do you see that tiny light? Do you know what it is? With your mind lost in grief You think it’s not what you wished. All you see is darkness All you want it is Trespassing in your isolated dark world Does it seem like a cyst? Why is it disturbing your loneliness Why isn’t […]

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Hi! I am a Slut

Hi ! I am a slut Why so surprised at my outburst? For I just only unravelled your damn thoughts. I am that one girl you see in the group of men. I am the girl you see at the bar often. But wait ! Does the bar not make you a man-hoe as well? […]

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Things That Were Missing !

‘Siblings are blessings of God’ Yes they are indeed. No matter how much you guys fight throughout your entire life, but the truth is you can not live without each other. If you are young, you would laugh and say ‘I don’t need her/him. Take’em away. But as you grow older, this becomes more clear. […]

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