Right Where We Began

Circle We were two different entities, with our two different worlds. Too indulged in claiming our own home base, The other’s seemed somewhat blurred. You were this pool of love and warmth, While I was busy in protecting my shield plunge. You were waiting to embrace me in your arms, Dipping my cold body in […]

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The Witty Best Friend

Witty ‘Fab as always’ I would say, When she would ask me ‘How’s everything going?’ And then giving that ‘I know everything’ smile of hers, She would try to torture the truth out of me, not literally. I would just sigh for I know, She can see through me, no denying. ‘I don’t know’ would […]

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You’ll Float Too

Launch As I rest my head on this cushion, I’ve woven out of all my dreams, I tend to caress my head, Like always, to put me to sleep. Eyes wide open staring at the sky I’ve made up of the ceiling. Looking at nothing but a single point, I can see this pale body […]

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Don’t Adjust The Focus

When life gets blurry, Or you see things you don’t want to; When it is the beauty you want, And all the negativity to be lost in the background; When it is the happiness you want to amplify, And the sadness to be quietened; When it is the love you want to remember, And the […]

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Like The Lost Planet

Planet And I was a part of your life, For you chose me to be in it. You did your noteworthy research, To find me adequate enough to keep. Then tell me, how in an instant did you decide, Maybe I am not worthy enough to exist? I am like the ninth planet of the […]

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Gifted Myself Me

Pamper And if I ask you today, What would be the perfect present to make you happy and gay? You would surely think about it for a moment, And then come up with best things that you could say. An amazing day out maybe, Or a book if you read, A dream catcher for your […]

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Irrelevant Talks

Irrelevant With social life at a hike, We are far yet close to each other. And then this closeness is nothing, But a superficial world we procure. We go on talking about everything, But the things that are salient. You claim to know my life, With just knowing a part of it. We talk about […]

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Turn Over A New Leaf

Leaf And all it took was time, For her to heal all the wounds. All it took was the patience, For her to sunken and then mount. The right amount of self-love, With a pinch of every experience count, She rose above her limitations, That is exactly what made her proud. A little stronger now, […]

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My Ferocious Mother

Mighty Opened my eyes to a fatherless world, With my childhood so amazing yet so disturbed. And she being my mother had to fight, For her, was the battle with all these worldly lies. With a gentle soul to care for in her hands, She had to be both, a mother and a father to […]

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