Traces Of Grim

Crumb Saw her smiling, She’s a vivacious girl. That guy on the field, Oh! His lips have those beautiful curves. The one with those storybooks, He surely has a vibrant soul. The one looking at you with tenderness, Has a heart full of warmth. I have it all, Laughs, love, empathy, satisfaction within me, Everything […]

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Tentative Hesitant to open up, I am cautious of the words that escape my mouth. Craving for the warmth, wanting to be cold I am typically unpredictable, no doubt. I am in a constant dilemma, Of letting you in or letting you go. Not ready to rely on ‘us’ so fast, I am a woman […]

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Let The Path Unveil

Glorious Walking down the alley of my regular life, I almost missed the glance of this undiscovered isle. Hey, What’s that? I am sure I’ve never seen it before, But hadn’t it been right here in front of me, all along? Lost in my thoughts, I ambled, Caught in the glorious beauty of this newly […]

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And I Was Dead

  And I was dead, Dead within these layers of thick skin. Fake smiles, unbearable love, Please, help me! I want these lights dimmed. I want you gone, Gone for a better tomorrow maybe. For when I look at you and see us, I see you turning into a soul in pain. When I hear […]

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A Tingle Ran Down My Spine

Sting I had you in that moment, Just like I’ve had for months now. I have been right here with you numerous times, But never did I feel something this strong. I turned around and saw you looking at me, With your eyes filled with lust, surely. But wait, it has been like this always, […]

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Phoenix- Born From My Ashes

Recreate Melancholy in my heart, I collapse a level down. Constrained with this weight, I feel choked to the halt point. I can see it coming for me, I know clearly what you perceive of me. You ask me to ascend, When you have the weight of you on me. I suffocate, I suffocate, I […]

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Life is the Rose With Thorns

Thorny You say ‘Life is too complicated’, Yes, I agree it is indeed. Distorted, wrenched, cursed, It is nothing but convoluted. But you fail to register the truth, No, it’s not just only dreadful. Each coin has its two faces, For ‘The beauty and the Beast’, co-exist. Life is like a beautiful rose, With its […]

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Fond Of His Words

Penchant If today you ask┬áher ‘What do you love about him the most?’ She would smile and say, ‘I don’t love anything specifically’. But if you ask her ‘What do you dislike about him?’ She would without a second thought say, ‘His words don’t define me anymore’. Words that once portrayed her, Eloquently making a […]

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