Would You Believe Me?

Believe Would you believe me if I said, That I couldn’t believe what I did? That I didn’t give a damn about your pain, Or about how I will crumble all your trust and faith. I finally showed you how selfish I could be, When it came to ‘The world against me’; How those who […]

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Beautifully Flawed

Superficial I looked at the mirror, And saw these dark pairs of eyes staring into mine; Messy hair tied in a bun, The silence in me was about to whine; Pale skin from another cold night, The victory were the scars all ready to symbolize. I was in love with my flawed skin in the […]

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So Close Yet So Far

Elastic Your arms moved around me, Embracing me in a hug, Holding me deliberately close to you, Whether trying to keep at bay the stress, Or probably just to comfort me with the warmth, who knows. I let myself  breathe, I let the feeling of calmness sink in, I was trying my best to fit […]

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Flair In Agony

Genius An eternity of agony, A death assuring pain, A life full of memories, She would still walk down with flair. Bolstering scars of the battles, Breathless because of this weight, Stumbling with injured parts, She would still walk down with flair. Impulsive, anxious, panic attacks, Depression, addictions, pain, This ache in her heart, Is […]

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Her Sassy Soul

Fashionable She held in her hands the core, Giving away the most beautiful part of her soul, She was alive in actual terms, Yes, she was lively and full of spirit. She would make the world go crazy, With her warmth and vivacity. A hippie with love for life, She wanted to make everything alright. […]

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I Deny To Move On The Way He Did

Deny ‘Move on’ They say, But sometimes I wonder what they actually want to coney? What does moving on means, anyway? ‘He moved on, so should you’ They murmur repeatedly, Oh! So I should move on like him, probably. Like the way, he felt weak and needed support, But wait, the scenario was same with […]

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His Dominating Aura

Athletic He touches me with his look, His eyes clearly demonstrating the libido, He could sense my zenith under his gaze, I blushed, damn, I am such a kiddo. His frown displaying his dissent, Making me over anxious of all my deeds, I thought I had a say but, without doubt, It was always him […]

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The Prince and Me

Popular He would be the most handsome, ‘Stepped down from heaven’ kind of guy, With his body well built, And his lips curving to that ‘die for’ smile. A magnificent sword in his hand, A beautiful white horse, would he ride, Coming to my rescue, Oh! It would be love at first sight. Fantasised about […]

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