‘You fight your toughest battles alone’,

Should that be termed as a curse or a boon?

I fought mine too,

Not a battle precisely but a condition surely fraught;

Where I looked at the road they had taken,

With silence as their response to my throbbing call.

Yet it wasn’t me alone. . .

A hurricane of worry destroying my world,

A concealed warmth calming my nerves

And a shared future that awaited me at the other end.

I, who ceased to move

I, who had not yet cried to let loose

I, who was freaked out with its mere presence

Now felt the love it brought to the body I call my home.

A faint smile as I see her laughing to my tickling,

Her tiny fingers wrapped tightly around my index finger,

Her tiny legs jumping, to show the big girl who walks like her mommy,

Her tender lips kissing my tears goodbye,

Her bicycle lessons just like I got mine from my mother,

Her future, nothing that I wanted mine like to be,

But everything she would want, hers to be.

This warmth. . .

This warmth I feel,

A faint smile and she’s mine to keep.

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