A Tingle Ran Down My Spine



I had you in that moment,

Just like I’ve had for months now.

I have been right here with you numerous times,

But never did I feel something this strong.

I turned around and saw you looking at me,

With your eyes filled with lust, surely.

But wait, it has been like this always, hasn’t it?

Then why do I feel so differently?

Looking at you, I caught a glimpse of a ‘maybe’,

A glimpse of our bare vulnerabilities.

A tingle ran down my spine,

A sensation of ‘safe and scared’ at the same time.

Mesmerized by your look, your body next to mine,

That kiss on my lips,

Oh! that feels so divine.

Your lips on my neck,

Heavenly does it feel.

But your eyes manifesting your soul,

That is what’s ravishing me on a whole.