And I Was Dead

And I was dead,

Dead within these layers of thick skin.

Fake smiles, unbearable love,

Please, help me! I want these lights dimmed.

I want you gone,

Gone for a better tomorrow maybe.

For when I look at you and see us,

I see you turning into a soul in pain.

When I hear your pleads,

I can’t help but feel helpless.

Constantly wanting to disappear,

For I am a coward with aged tricks.

I want these lights dimmed,

I want my eyes closed,

I want me to feel like I’ve disappeared,

For I don’t want to be seen,

I don’t want to be heard,

I just want you happy,

But I know I can just hurt.

So, go before you are damaged,

To the point of no repair.

These eyes full of secrets you seek,

Have nothing but a dead fiend to spare.