Ashen Faced Love


Closed her eyes,

Put it all back in a dark abyss,

Taking a final look at it,

She shut the door with a big smile.

Moved on,

Never let herself drown in the vivid slot,

Carried herself with everything she had,

She was now ‘the opposite of her reality’ clone.

But Love hit her again on these dusty roads

Though to her, it seemed to be a thing long lost.

Love this time assured to be perfect and beautiful,

Yes, it was to be true.

Smiling lips, honest eyes, love had love-filled soul,

And yet all she could see in front

of her was the ‘Ashen-faced love’.

For this love forced her to look within,

To think about all the things she was till now running from,

To live the pain she buried down,

To die in each moment she tried again to fall.

Love kissed her forehead

And made her hideaway in panic;

Love caressed her head,

And made her scream in terror;

Love held her hand, entwining their fingers,

And love made her freeze to find her hand in another’s;

Love looked at her with love,

And made her want to take a U-turn;

Love tried to break through the door,

And made her double check the lock;

Love tried to climb the fort,

And she built a stronger and taller wall.

Love dreamt of her beauty,

And love gave her nightmares, anxiety and worry’

Love gave her love,

When she tried to push it away with ferocity.

Love planned and executed,

And made her freak out of with the future he had seen;

Love demanded love,

Love stepped on a deep hole that no longer wishes to be filled.

8 thoughts on “Ashen Faced Love

    1. It’s not easy to fall for someone again when you have lived for such a long time with someone. The memories visit, flashbacks take you away, not easy to re-live the same moments with someone else.

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