Bizarre Childhood



‘You are a special child’ She heard them say,

And back then it did make her happy and gay.

She felt like the Princess she sure was,

Every single thing on her mind did she procure.

Always being treated as a delicate rose,

With everyone too cautious to let her cowp.

Little did she know it was all a counterfeit,

Of the loss, she was till now oblivious with.

Living this bizarre life she had no clue,

Of the life, she lived that’s so not true.

Too much happiness,

Too much good,

Life is not a fairy tale, it has to be crude.

Soon did she start to realize the lies they sate,

And they did become the harsh realities of her fate.

Grown up way before her age,

The little girl knew too much,

about the world that’s full of pain and hurt,

Her head was where the monsters were found,

A little 3-year-old was a master liar now.