Chandigarh is pretty famous for its fun and hang-out places. Personally, I haven’t been to many such places. I am not much of a hang-out person I suppose. But there’s this one place I fell in love with the moment I stepped inside and would strongly recommend to all of you to visit at least once during your stay at the City Beautiful.

A book and a cup of coffee or let us say A book and food, that’s probably everything a Bookaholic needs to survive. BOOKS AND BREW, Sector 16, Chandigarh has the perfect ambience for any person who loves these two. Just grab a book & some food, take a seat and enjoy the bliss.

The interiors are beautiful. The woodwork, the paintings, oh! the dreamcatchers (love them the most), the ceiling has this wooden chick blind texture which gives the place an awe-inspiring look. Just totally love the place <3

Oh, by the way, did I tell you the place has this amazing bunker bed kind of seating. So you can basically climb up, away from the crowd and enjoy your time. Isn’t that amazing? If you have a beautiful company, the experience becomes even better <3

And if you are with your friends and want to have some good time, the food here is really good and you can also play games like Chess, Ludo etc. This place gives you comfort and belonging there kinda feeling.Yeah, It gave me these amazing vibes 😀

I had wanted to write about this place for some time now, but never really did.

By the way, Did I tell you that I could have literally lived there? 😛 😉