Broken Wings


Once his beautiful butterfly
Always struggling and fighting to fly
To her, the world seemed a beautiful place to be in
To her, the world was as beautiful as her
As innocent as her it seemed to be
He surely was her safe place but she wanted to fly
See and feel everything before she dies
Making her stay he never was ready to let her go
But her stubbornness irritated him before he gave up
Yes he let her go
And when she fell he was nowhere to hold
She tried and tried to succeed to fly
And when he saw her he couldn’t help but cry
She was his lovely butterfly
Looking so beautiful in the open sky
He called to her and asked her to stay
But she’s had now the Freedom’s taste
Suppressing and fighting he held her close
She was but too hurt to let the pain off
When she fell she was alone
When she flew she was alone
When all those flies tried to eat her up she was her own shield
She wasn’t ready to do again what she’s told
But she gave up to the feelings of her beloved
They were together again and were whole
But their pains never let them go
They both were hurt from deep inside their souls
And yet again she was thrown away for her stubbornness
Stubbornness to never give up
Stubbornness to be always strong
When all he wanted to do was cuddle her and take care
Her scarred wings never let go of the fear
Fear to be weak and get hurt by the world
The pain has changed her to handle it well
When he left now, she broke
Neither could she fly
Nor could she talk
Sooner or later he was going to leave she knew
No more his beautiful butterfly she was new
She could hurt and kill for her own
Selfless love was no more there for her
It was her happiness first then the others
One couldn’t live with so much ego after all
So he left
He left coz he was getting hurt
But now she broke
Her scarred wings gave up on flying
Her whole existence changed to nothing
Now she hurts herself and others
Loneliness she loves
Loneliness she hates
But loneliness is all she’s got
Desperate for love, she is wandering the roads
Roads that have nothing but more pain they hold