Real Women Do Not Get Raped

‘Real Men Don’t Rape’ I am tired of reading and listening these certain words. I mean what does it mean? If we believe in these words then probably these wordings would be correct too ‘Real Women Do Not Get Raped’. Am i right? If my getting raped labels me to be filthy and unfit for […]

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What it made us do !!!

We’ve passed our early teen years trying to adjust to our newly hormonal changes. Having crushes, proposing our school girls and boys, having those stupid yet so-called special moments with the “then said” love of our lives. We were kids, we made mistakes, we learned and eventually, we grew up. But all of it is […]

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Not Anymore

Do I always have to wear a veil? Ain’t I a human being? Do I always have to live in fear? Ain’t I supposed to breathe? Today when the whole country is in complete chaos, there’s this one question that stands upright since years, “Would a female ever walk down the street without fear?” With […]

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Carefree World

Carefree When we first read the word “Carefree “, the only thing that comes to our mind is CHILDHOOD. When we were young and free, away from the reality. We lived in our own world where mom was The Queen, dad The King and we Prince or Princess. That was our dream world. That was […]

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