Saintly Childlike innocence, Eyes all brightened up with exemplary shine, A heart filled with nothing but love, Oh! That laughter is so divine. Curiosity at its level best, Questions about anything and everything do they catechize, They wear their heart on their sleeves truly, Giving warmth to the world so frosty and hostile. Life, their garden […]


The Two Conscience Gremlins

    Gremlins Standing on the edge, With the mind lost in thoughts; The right decision has to be made, For your life is the cost. You look for a way out, But the way would come from within, The two gremlins residing inside, One of them is the key to your salvation. The gremlins being […]

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Dear Time, Mercy Please

Mercy Dear Time, Mercy Please Can you slow down a bit for me? Not too much do I ask of thee, Just a few moments spent leisurely. Moments of love with my beloved, The beauty of the sunset these eyes wish to seize; These thoughts running through my head, I want to take control of […]

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Tiny Built A Nest of Dreams

Nest Tiny feet walking in the world unrevealed, Tiny lips uttering words of hope and faith, Tiny eyes looking out for the magnificence that exists, Tiny hands holding onto the treasure called dreams. The tiny had no fear of the maze, It wandered to be lost in the ‘away from home’ trail, The tiny dared to […]

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And I Thought You Had Left

And I thought you had left. Left me without a goodbye. Mhmm. . .  That was fine. I know we ended a long time back without an official one. But on that one fine night, when it hit me that I will never see you again, it left me in a mess. I didn’t know […]

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Ashen Faced Love

Ghoulish Closed her eyes, Put it all back in a dark abyss, Taking a final look at it, She shut the door with a big smile. Moved on, Never let herself drown in the vivid slot, Carried herself with everything she had, She was now ‘the opposite of her reality’ clone. But Love hit her […]

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Dobby Is A Free Elf

Release House-elf, Bounded by his duty, Confined to live a life of slavery, Honest enough to not flee, He, who had lost all his hopes to be released. They say ‘No riches in the world, Can buy love and loyalty.’ Yes, it can never, for the heart chose the master for whom it could be […]

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