Confront Your Inner Demons


Bright day and I put up a smile,

In these busy lanes, I am trying to hide.

I don’t see it overpowering me anytime,

I do get glimpses of the ogre, in me that resides.

I made it through the day,

But it’s not a reason to celebrate or pacify,

For this is the time, my efforts start to defy.

I am inside this home I call my hideout,

For it saves me from any human tie.

But these monsters  do show up,

Their existence does the time certify.

I won’t lie I am trying to be obscure,

But in no vain, I am not a thing to descry,

For these monsters are within me,

And not for a moment do they let me out of sight.

You think I give up to them?

Wouldn’t their life be boring with me gone?

So, I confront my inner demons,

And each night we lay in bed together,

They, trying to break every ounce of life within me,

And me bravely smiling at them,

Being at peace with these inner demons,

For Dear Demons, I am thee.