Do I Know You Enough?

Should I start to explain how I feel?

Do I know you enough to do so?

Yeah, I know you.

All to well to know not to do so.

I know not to let the curtain fall down

For you are seated with the same old audience.

I know not to let the truth be found

For you’ve made me build myself with lies.

“Appearances can be deceptive” They say,

And I know now enough to believe its core.

These faces full of friendliness and not a single foe my sight beholds.

I know what your lips don’t say

I know clearly all the fake promises you sate.

Your every action uncovers your masked face.

It’s perfect for me to be indifferent

To never unwind.

It’s perfect to stay an eerie

For the secrets are not to be uncaged.