Dobby Is A Free Elf



Bounded by his duty,

Confined to live a life of slavery,

Honest enough to not flee,

He, who had lost all his hopes to be released.

They say ‘No riches in the world,

Can buy love and loyalty.’

Yes, it can never, for the heart chose

the master for whom it could be slain.

A well-wisher of his Hero,

A true friend, guiding the way,

Rooted to the dark dungeons,

He had to be home yet again.

Loyalty wins back Loyalty,

Friendship is a road, two-way,

Chasing his master,

Prepared for a few more death menace,

Stopped in his tracks and stared,

For his friend had now given back the love,

‘Master has given Dobby a sock,

Master has presented Dobby with clothes,

Dobby is free’ Did he bawl.

Fate played its role,

His loyalty to his friend again was on display,

A sharp knife towards his knight,

And he was ready to salvage,

Rituals performed,

In a muggle way was he laid.

‘Here lies Dobby,

A free Elf’ his grave read.


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