Don’t Adjust The Focus

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When life gets blurry,

Or you see things you don’t want to;

When it is the beauty you want,

And all the negativity to be lost in the background;

When it is the happiness you want to amplify,

And the sadness to be quietened;

When it is the love you want to remember,

And the painful memories you want to abandon;

When it is the laughs you want to capture,

And the tears you want to breach;

When it is the colors you want to see,

And the ‘black and white’ you want to abolish;

When it is everything you want to focus on,

And everything else you want to be muffled;

Don’t adjust the focus,

For if you do, you’ll lose sight of amazing artefact.

Let it be raw,

Let it capture the life that is real.

Just like experiences make you who you are,

These tiny details give you your world.