Don’t Look At Me With Those Judge-y Little Eyes


Of all the things that could hurt,

Expectations hold the position first.

What do you say am I?

Or What do you say am I supposed to be?

All Hearts and Flower,

Or a conserved virginity for that one human being?

A selfless woman who knows nothing but love,

A body that purely represents a girl’s beauty,

Idol of everything to good to be true,

Is it the Good in me that you expect to see?

You tagged me as ‘The Disappointment’

Concluding that there’s no benign in me,

For I never gave you any reason precisely,

When all I ever did was care less for you,

And a little too much of me.

When I was the evil and the vamp,

The one who could hurt without remorse and mercy.

You expected, expected and expected,

Without realizing I have a life to live,

If I am good at being bad,

Why bring your hopes up trying to re-shape?

Don’t look at me with those judgy little eyes,

I do not exist to live up to your expectations.

This is my life and it is entirely my right,

To have it the way I perceive it proficient.