Gifted Myself Me

And if I ask you today,

What would be the perfect present to make you happy and gay?

You would surely think about it for a moment,

And then come up with best things that you could say.

An amazing day out maybe,

Or a book if you read,

A dream catcher for your hippie soul,

Or probably a trip to the undiscovered thoroughfare.

And if I ask you what would be that one thing you would gift to yourself?

Would you come up with the same answers?

Or would this time you’ll just pause and stare?

And look deep within you to search,

For these desires undeclared.

A solo trip,

A pampered weekend maybe,

A visit to the almost lost friendship,

or Would you want to gift yourself a regretless day.

I gifted myself to me,

And now I would never belong to thee.

I put myself first,

No less could I have done to pamper me to the extreme.

I love me more than I would ever love you.

I love me more than you could ever love me.

What is better than knowing,

I belong to me.