Her Materialistic Love


‘Love people, not things’ They say
To happiness, that’s the true way.
But I guess they forgot to mention
That love did come with expiry dates.
When the world moved forward leaving her back,
She found her way around without losing her sane track.
She fell for the non-existing
She fell for the materialistic.
Things that were alive for her
Things that held life for her.

The tiny finger ring she moved in circles
Had witnessed her anxiety shows
And suffered enough by being the only thing she held close.

Her little wrist band,
That held her best friend’s memories
Decorated on her arm gave her all the love she’d ever begged for.

The full sleeve shirt that hid her in its embrace,
Was the closest she’d been held
Without the “breaking into pieces” risk.
More like a cover to her vulnerable soul
It felt like a safe place from her unrested sins.

The wind charm that marked its presence on her door
Was the only thing that had the power to soothe her soul.

They say ‘When you lose your love, you suffer.
She’s scared to lose her love too
Coz she knows that’s gonna shatter her world.
Not living yeah
But her materialistic love held sentiments too.