Her Sassy Soul


She held in her hands the core,

Giving away the most beautiful part of her soul,

She was alive in actual terms,

Yes, she was lively and full of spirit.

She would make the world go crazy,

With her warmth and vivacity.

A hippie with love for life,

She wanted to make everything alright.

You could see her playing with kids,

You could see her talking to the old,

You could see her riding like mad,

You could see her getting all lost.

She would look at that squirrel,

And be mesmerized by its beauty,

She would open her arms to the sky,

And let it fleece all the misery.

She would breathe with her eyes closed,

Embracing all the faith there’s to be garnered.

She is light,

She is love,

She is life,

She is Hope.