Hiding From The Devil

I stand here amongst you all,

With the happy faces and the laughing souls

Moments of euphoria and I’m now lost

In the world full of colors, called thoughts.

I have been here before,

It had been the same faces and the same abode,

Oh! It was the so damn same me back then for sure,

With my heart filled with fear and hope.

I look for you in these empty hours,

Questions about you from these innocent souls,

A smile on my face as I remember the bygone,

You had held me in your arms in these laughter filled halls.

You see I have these moments, I can feel you close,

I look around covertly, not looking for you but the shadow,

I hide amongst these kids, peeking secretly at your form,

I close my eyes, you won’t see me now. . . Oh God! Let me be a ghost.

Let me not be found,

Let him not look at me with that pity filled look,

You look down at me, with the least concern,

You hold my hand, a piece of your work, showing me off.

It had been the same place,

it had been the same people,

It had been the same us,

The same case but back then you were my consort.


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