His Dominating Aura


He touches me with his look,

His eyes clearly demonstrating the libido,

He could sense my zenith under his gaze,

I blushed, damn, I am such a kiddo.

His frown displaying his dissent,

Making me over anxious of all my deeds,

I thought I had a say but, without doubt,

It was always him bending me according to his wish.

He would tell me to do it,

anything could it might be.

I was someone hungry for reasons,

While he, being the mighty prince he is,

How could he be quizzed?

His lips curve into that smile,

Challenging me to flout his order,

While the control freak him,

Was ready with the whip on his shoulder.

I was like this rebelling soul,

Who would be awestruck by his work,

With an athletic body like that,

shouldn’t he be dating someone much hot?

But, he is right here,

Looking at me with that ‘at home’ look,

Used to the world bowing to him,

He has surely got himself hooked.