HOPE in a Dark World

Do you see that tiny light?

Do you know what it is?

With your mind lost in grief

You think it’s not what you wished.

All you see is darkness

All you want it is

Trespassing in your isolated dark world

Does it seem like a cyst?

Why is it disturbing your loneliness

Why isn’t the dark engulfing it?

With so many questions in your mind

You’re struggling to let it fit.

But this light isn’t trying to elope darkess

And it won’t

Because it is “Hope”

Hope in your little dark world.

It’s gonna stay here with you

Untill you accept faith.

And untill you embrace Hope,

It’s gonna stay here and wait.

Saving you from drowning,

Let it be the rope.

Let it be the light,

Let me be your Hope.

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