My yearning for more is silenced,

as I lay next to you but far from your heat,

My subconscious constantly telling me that it’s time to leave,

While my body has still not had enough of you to take away with me.

My eyes that are trying to devour you as much as it could,

For I who just had you as hers a few moments ago,

Lay with naked vulnerabilities next to you asking for more,

More, that isn’t said or existing between us for sure.

A little more would be enough maybe,

Maybe just a small hold as I lay next to you,

Maybe just don’t let everything in you but words demand my scoot,

Or maybe, just a little glance at me as I die in this bitter anxiety.

I looked at you, ‘I have to leave. I want more’, there I said it,

With you looking at me as something so meager,

‘I am not asking you for more’, my final words,

Your silence clearly revealing my ultimatum.


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