I Deny To Move On The Way He Did


‘Move on’ They say,

But sometimes I wonder what they actually want to coney?

What does moving on means, anyway?

‘He moved on, so should you’ They murmur repeatedly,

Oh! So I should move on like him, probably.

Like the way, he felt weak and needed support,

But wait, the scenario was same with me for sure.

The way he made her, his new addiction,

The smoke rising from this cigarette isn’t that bad, in my perception.

Are you talking about the way, she is now his safe place,

Or how she smells to him like home.

Oh! Maybe you talking about this thing they do,

‘You gotta make new memories to forget the whilom’

Or how you need to find someone,

Who would love you despite your facts and truths?

Wait, no.

I am sorry to deny your theory,

But I won’t move on like that surely.

I will move on with my life,

Making myself better and wise.

No, I can not do this one more time,

To give someone else his place at prime.

Moving on to me is like growing past it all,

Learning to be okay and just letting it all go.

I believe in me,

And the fate I am supposed to meet,

I now love the idea of love,

I have found in me, my home.

Yes, I am moving on,

But no, I refuse your definition of doing so.