Irrelevant Talks



With social life at a hike,

We are far yet close to each other.

And then this closeness is nothing,

But a superficial world we procure.

We go on talking about everything,

But the things that are salient.

You claim to know my life,

With just knowing a part of it.

We talk about these guys you dated,

We talk how amazing were those girls you hooked up with.

We drink our way together  to unconsciousness,

Probably ending up making out if we’re of the opposite sex.

We talk about the places we want to visit,

We talk about the kind of music we do listen.

We often talk about the heartbreaks too,

We end up saying ‘Shit happens, dude’.

But no,

Don’t think that this is all I want.

Even if not words,

I would love to listen to your silence.

Let’s just sit together staring at a far-off point,

Both lost in our own fucked up existence.

Let’s talk about the story behind the songs you don’t listen to,

Let’s talk about the things that scare you.

Let’s talk about what we were,

Let’s talk about the ways of life we prefer.

Let’s talk about our hideouts,

Let’s exchange warmth through our eyes.

Let’s not console each other,

Let’s not listen to just reply,

Let’s be silent companions,

Let’s not be scared of these ‘goodbyes’.

Let’s see the darkness within each other,

Let’s see the light lost somewhere deep down there.

Let’s not give each other that pitiful look,

Let’s instead say, ‘Same here, dude’.