Just Like You Want


And I am doing it all again,

Telling you, I’m here for you,

Saying things you want me to say

to make you feel secure and good.

When I clearly vowed to  restrain myself of these defiant fervors,

Why am I then standing on this peripheral shore?

Why am I disobeying all my own set laws?

And why am I silencing my begging soul?

In one moment I want to run away,

In another, I want you to hold me close,

But never did I want to compromise on my terms.

I feel like I am changing for you,

Being the soft hearted, loving, sweet me,

And it scares the hell out of me to be true.

There’s this war going on inside my head,

And it’s asking me to be unbiased,

For I am in a dilemma of choosing,

To disobey you or my soul.