Let The Path Unveil


Walking down the alley of my regular life,

I almost missed the glance of this undiscovered isle.

Hey, What’s that? I am sure I’ve never seen it before,

But hadn’t it been right here in front of me, all along?

Lost in my thoughts, I ambled,

Caught in the glorious beauty of this newly discovered world.

Beauty surely untouched,

This path seemed to be less traveled.

For sure, the reality is so lost in haste,

That it misses on the grandeur so great.

The allure that is right here within us,

We fail to see anything but the wretch.

The soothe I felt, the love for life I perceived,

On this road less traveled, I called for me,

Shutting down to the worldly,

Let it give you the sight to see.

Let the world be asleep in you,

Let this path unveil.