Let’s Not Make it Work Anymore

I suffocate you, I know.

This time I would just let you go.

I won’t try to let you back in and then be a good person which I’m not.

You did everything right, mostly.

It’s just me who’se too rude.

You are the perfect fairy tale love of a girl.

But, I am sorry I don’t beleive in those anymore.

You gave me warmth

When all I could give back was, cold.

You gave me love

When all I could do with it was insult.

I am just tired.

Tired of trying to make this work

When I can clearly see that I can not.

I am no more the person made for love.

I am no more the person who deserves your warmth.

I am no more the person you fell in love for.

You were right, it was just you

You who was giving his all for love.

While I, I didn’t even reach the 1/10th of the wall.