Life’s Scrumptious In Its Own Ways


Don’t say ‘I am tough’,

I can show you how exquisitely beautiful I am.

I am the tear that is termed as the ‘ happy tear’,

I am the warmth you feel when that one person is near.

I am all the dreams you conceit,

I am the prayers of your lips.

I am that calming look when you feel at home,

I am the adrenaline rush in an adventure world.

I am the first cry of a newborn,

I am that alluring smile of your grandmom.

I am that mischievous kid back from your childhood,

I am all the responsibilities that gladly you took.

I am the innocence you hear in a child’s words,

I am the love you can see in your mother’s prayers.

I am the hope that keeps you going,

I am the one that is entirely your belonging.

I am your life and I love you,

Tell me, do you love me?