Like The Lost Planet

Seaside Evening Girl Sunset Ocean Romantic

And I was a part of your life,

For you chose me to be in it.

You did your noteworthy research,

To find me adequate enough to keep.

Then tell me, how in an instant did you decide,

Maybe I am not worthy enough to exist?

I am like the ninth planet of the system,

Like the toy on your mercy for persistence.

In a moment you see everything in me,

And in another, you declare me as a despicable thing.

I am now a rock solid ornament,

With coldness that could kill.

But tell me how could I have been warm,

When your rays always reached me in a minuscule bin.

You are like the sun that shines bright and warm,

While I am the Pluto, waiting for its share of your deference.

No more a part of your life,

I am now lost within.