Replica Of Me



If today, the fairy godmother appears

And asks me ‘What is your one wish, My Dear’,

I would maybe for once think about,

All things fancy and beautiful,

Or probably make her grant me the wish

To disappear into the clouds without being noticed.

But what I chose was bit of an eerie,

I asked for a dummy, yes, a replica of me.

She looked at me alarmed,

For no one had ever asked for such a wish to be granted.

‘I grant you your wish’ Twirling did she say,

“You could have asked for a world full of smiles,

Or probably have everything your own way,

Then tell me why did you, my love,

Ask for something so queer? ”

I held my load and looked deep into her eyes,

‘I wouldn’t want anything any other way,

I wouldn’t change a thing, but,

I see this as a way for me to escape,

I could shut people out,

Without having to ask them to leave.

Now, in lost lands, I could be forever and whenever,

Leaving behind, ‘Me’ for them to play with,

I wouldn’t be in a constant dilemma of,

Wanting to run away or yet again linger,

For I will be gone and I will be still here,

And that way I could for long enjoy my hibernation.