Slowly But Surely

About 5 months ago, I met an accident and broke my right foot. For 2 months I stayed at home, bedridden with a plastered leg. The only visits made were to the hospital. There was no sign of me getting better. When even after removing plaster my foot couldn’t handle any weight, the doctor diagnosed me with infection. I was put on more strong painkillers and antibiotics. Slowly my condition started improving. With my efforts, I was able to walk with a stick and soon that changed into walking alone without any support. Yeah. . . I limped. I still do.

I Registered myself in an adventure camp at Manali in June. Yes. . . Seems like stupidity. But staying at home depressed me. This was my only chance. Along with some activities like Rock Climbing, Rapling, River Crossing, we had to trek 70Kms. That’s where my problem started. My foot would pain. I was amongst the loose walkers in the camp. But that’s how much I could do to not break my foot again. Heavy rucksack made it a little tougher.

At times my fellow mates would ask “Are you alright? “ I had kept a constant reply throughout the trek “Yeah. . . I’m cool” Some would make fun of me saying “How slow she walks” But I never paid attention.

At the end point of the trek, when we reached the top, I couldn’t help but cry. I was smiling and crying at the same time. It was a big deal for me. The view was fabulous.

SLowly but Surely I did it.

It all depends on our mindset, willpower. If it really matters, you’ll do it.


Stay strong. . .