So Close Yet So Far


Your arms moved around me,

Embracing me in a hug,

Holding me deliberately close to you,

Whether trying to keep at bay the stress,

Or probably just to comfort me with the warmth, who knows.

I let myself  breathe,

I let the feeling of calmness sink in,

I was trying my best to fit in with you,

Unaware and aware of your intentions of not letting me to.

I won’t lie, I feel cold too,

It’s like we don’t belong together,

Like the opposite ends of an elastic band pulled together, firmly,

But when you let it, apart is what it’s destined to be.

It’s like the feeling where I have you,

But I know I don’t really do.

We are like the elastic band,

Which can be forced to moulder,

But no force in the world,

Can get us close, any further.

It’s like We are so close,

And yet so far.