Solitude at Its Apex


I look around and see,

This world I have made for me.

With silence as my constant companion

‘Don’t let go of me’ it pleads.

Locked in my room I usually am,

Sitting all alone by myself,

Thinking and over-thinking anything and everything at times.

But then do come the days,

Where I am too lost to feel anyway,

Sitting right here on my bed,

I look outside the screen I have made of this window pane.

No remorse,

No thoughts,

No stories do my heart quotes.

It’s that peak where I am free,

Of everything that is supposed to be worldly.

They are wrong when they say ‘Loneliness is dangerous’

They are wrong when they say ‘Solitude has got pain’

For Loneliness can be very addictive,

And Solitude can be your best friend in vain.