Saintly Childlike innocence, Eyes all brightened up with exemplary shine, A heart filled with nothing but love, Oh! That laughter is so divine. Curiosity at its level best, Questions about anything and everything do they catechize, They wear their heart on their sleeves truly, Giving warmth to the world so frosty and hostile. Life, their garden […]


Her Sassy Soul

Fashionable She held in her hands the core, Giving away the most beautiful part of her soul, She was alive in actual terms, Yes, she was lively and full of spirit. She would make the world go crazy, With her warmth and vivacity. A hippie with love for life, She wanted to make everything alright. […]

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Don’t Adjust The Focus

When life gets blurry, Or you see things you don’t want to; When it is the beauty you want, And all the negativity to be lost in the background; When it is the happiness you want to amplify, And the sadness to be quietened; When it is the love you want to remember, And the […]

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Let The Path Unveil

Glorious Walking down the alley of my regular life, I almost missed the glance of this undiscovered isle. Hey, What’s that? I am sure I’ve never seen it before, But hadn’t it been right here in front of me, all along? Lost in my thoughts, I ambled, Caught in the glorious beauty of this newly […]

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