Saintly Childlike innocence, Eyes all brightened up with exemplary shine, A heart filled with nothing but love, Oh! That laughter is so divine. Curiosity at its level best, Questions about anything and everything do they catechize, They wear their heart on their sleeves truly, Giving warmth to the world so frosty and hostile. Life, their garden […]


Tiny Built A Nest of Dreams

Nest Tiny feet walking in the world unrevealed, Tiny lips uttering words of hope and faith, Tiny eyes looking out for the magnificence that exists, Tiny hands holding onto the treasure called dreams. The tiny had no fear of the maze, It wandered to be lost in the ‘away from home’ trail, The tiny dared to […]

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Things That Were Missing !

‘Siblings are blessings of God’ Yes they are indeed. No matter how much you guys fight throughout your entire life, but the truth is you can not live without each other. If you are young, you would laugh and say ‘I don’t need her/him. Take’em away. But as you grow older, this becomes more clear. […]

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The Lab Pikachu

Pikachu. . . Most of us know him. Afterall most of us have grown watching cartoons. I still watch it. Not because I’m a very big fan of it but because I just love the idea of how carefree we were as kids. So why not now ???  Where did we lose our innocence. Did […]

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