Turn Over A New Leaf

Leaf And all it took was time, For her to heal all the wounds. All it took was the patience, For her to sunken and then mount. The right amount of self-love, With a pinch of every experience count, She rose above her limitations, That is exactly what made her proud. A little stronger now, […]

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HOPE in a Dark World

Do you see that tiny light? Do you know what it is? With your mind lost in grief You think it’s not what you wished. All you see is darkness All you want it is Trespassing in your isolated dark world Does it seem like a cyst? Why is it disturbing your loneliness Why isn’t […]

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Moon-Love of Stars

Moon Beautifull moon shining brightly in the dark sky Beautifull moon is the love of the stars They have their light But they make the moon shine bright They’re the hope in its dark world We look out at the moon Lay beneath it with the love of our life Have you ever wondered why??? […]

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