Saintly Childlike innocence, Eyes all brightened up with exemplary shine, A heart filled with nothing but love, Oh! That laughter is so divine. Curiosity at its level best, Questions about anything and everything do they catechize, They wear their heart on their sleeves truly, Giving warmth to the world so frosty and hostile. Life, their garden […]



Succumb ‘Hold on, pain ends’, That’s what I was born to believe, But now I can’t help myself but say, Yes, I quit. I quit all these phony relationships, Which makes me feel awful and in pain. I quit all these futile conversations, Which interrupts my silence and peace. I quit the beliefs of a […]

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Her Sassy Soul

Fashionable She held in her hands the core, Giving away the most beautiful part of her soul, She was alive in actual terms, Yes, she was lively and full of spirit. She would make the world go crazy, With her warmth and vivacity. A hippie with love for life, She wanted to make everything alright. […]

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Traces Of Grim

Crumb Saw her smiling, She’s a vivacious girl. That guy on the field, Oh! His lips have those beautiful curves. The one with those storybooks, He surely has a vibrant soul. The one looking at you with tenderness, Has a heart full of warmth. I have it all, Laughs, love, empathy, satisfaction within me, Everything […]

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HOPE in a Dark World

Do you see that tiny light? Do you know what it is? With your mind lost in grief You think it’s not what you wished. All you see is darkness All you want it is Trespassing in your isolated dark world Does it seem like a cyst? Why is it disturbing your loneliness Why isn’t […]

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Hi! I am a Slut

Hi ! I am a slut Why so surprised at my outburst? For I just only unravelled your damn thoughts. I am that one girl you see in the group of men. I am the girl you see at the bar often. But wait ! Does the bar not make you a man-hoe as well? […]

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What it made us do !!!

We’ve passed our early teen years trying to adjust to our newly hormonal changes. Having crushes, proposing our school girls and boys, having those stupid yet so-called special moments with the “then said” love of our lives. We were kids, we made mistakes, we learned and eventually, we grew up. But all of it is […]

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Moon-Love of Stars

Moon Beautifull moon shining brightly in the dark sky Beautifull moon is the love of the stars They have their light But they make the moon shine bright They’re the hope in its dark world We look out at the moon Lay beneath it with the love of our life Have you ever wondered why??? […]

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