Hiding From The Devil

I stand here amongst you all, With the happy faces and the laughing souls Moments of euphoria and I’m now lost In the world full of colors, called thoughts. I have been here before, It had been the same faces and the same abode, Oh! It was the so damn same me back then for […]

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Flair In Agony

Genius An eternity of agony, A death assuring pain, A life full of memories, She would still walk down with flair. Bolstering scars of the battles, Breathless because of this weight, Stumbling with injured parts, She would still walk down with flair. Impulsive, anxious, panic attacks, Depression, addictions, pain, This ache in her heart, Is […]

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Don’t Adjust The Focus

When life gets blurry, Or you see things you don’t want to; When it is the beauty you want, And all the negativity to be lost in the background; When it is the happiness you want to amplify, And the sadness to be quietened; When it is the love you want to remember, And the […]

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Confined Words

Finite And I failed to find the words, Words to tell you all about me. I tried again though, I closed my eyes and dwelled on The words I could have probably said, to let you know Who I was? Or What I could perhaps be? But then, I got a glimpse of the memory […]

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Carefree World

Carefree When we first read the word “Carefree “, the only thing that comes to our mind is CHILDHOOD. When we were young and free, away from the reality. We lived in our own world where mom was The Queen, dad The King and we Prince or Princess. That was our dream world. That was […]

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