Fond Of His Words

Penchant If today you ask┬áher ‘What do you love about him the most?’ She would smile and say, ‘I don’t love anything specifically’. But if you ask her ‘What do you dislike about him?’ She would without a second thought say, ‘His words don’t define me anymore’. Words that once portrayed her, Eloquently making a […]

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Confined Words

Finite And I failed to find the words, Words to tell you all about me. I tried again though, I closed my eyes and dwelled on The words I could have probably said, to let you know Who I was? Or What I could perhaps be? But then, I got a glimpse of the memory […]

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Flee from the impossible

Flee Reality. . . . Something we all tend to escape somehow Tell me what you do to escape it? Do you listen to music? or Do you hit the gym? Mine’s a better way to feel To live so many lives and be free I flee to different lands each day and each night […]

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Your words haunt Me

Ghost You said you hated me You said I spoiled your life I said nothing You walked away as I waited for a final goodbye I stood there silent for minutes But you never looked back But at night when the flashback played in my mind, know that it hurted. Am I not good enough […]

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She craves for his words

Craving He calls her Hope He calls her My Dearest Dear Losing him is one of her fears His words soothes her soul His laugh makes her giggle To her smile, his words are like a trigger His words are what brought them together His words help her to be better His words are what […]

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