Take Me High, Make Me Smile


Condemned with my sins,

Shamelessly living this absurd life,

Getting all reasons to break down

I see myself as something so vile.

I look at my reflection and

See it looking at me with those guilt filled eyes

A moment of mortification,

And then hey, I just saw it smile.

Oh! That devilish smile, I so damn recognize

And those eyes that now show a demon inside.

I could see me but it was someone else that I de-scry.

I have this pain killing me,

But I see me laughing like crazy,

This pain wants me to cry out loud

But I hear me shouting insanely.

Shouting to the world to ‘Fuck off’,

Shouting to the little girl that just died,

Shouting to stop me from hearing any voices,

‘Kill me because I am toxic’

‘Kill me because I am coming for you’

Insane, I am now

I don’t see love

Hatred is the home I just found.

I shout

I shout

I shout

Till my mind explodes

Till my eyes shut down

I don’t wanna feel anymore

I wanna be like this for sure

So Baby,

Take me high, Make me smile. . .