Taming My Beast


Hushh. . . .

Love, it’s time to sleep,

I’ll sing your favorite lullaby.

Calm down, I am here for you,

Hold my hand and for once, be true.

Let the mask unveil,

For I am the better half of you.

Close your eyes, relax your muscles,

Just rest without being the guard on work.

I will caress your head just like you love,

But are too afraid to let anyone else do.

Don’t overthink about these insecurities,

I am yours to keep for an eternity.

Don’t let them know your anxieties,

For if they do, they’ll kill you viciously

I won’t run away or hide,

I am bound to be here with you and fight.

I’ll not close my eyes on you,

Yes, I am asking you to be weak and crude.

You are not just your thoughts,

You are me and you, that co-exists.

Let me have the part of you,

That the world fails to see.

Let me love the beast in you,

Let me show you the beauty in you that lives.