The Lab Pikachu


Pikachu. . . Most of us know him. Afterall most of us have grown watching cartoons.

I still watch it. Not because I’m a very big fan of it but because I just love the idea of how carefree we were as kids. So why not now ???  Where did we lose our innocence. Did we lose it ?? Did someone take it away from us ?? Nops. . . We gave up on our innocence as we grew up.  As time taught us different things. In our busy practical lives, we hardly have time to live the life we dreamt as kids.

So here’s this sketch to remember what we were as kids and to look at what we are now. THE LAB PIKACHU . . . Well the name’s coz I draw it in my chemistry lab ☺I missed my childhood and this was what my hands let me to when I was lost in my childhood memories.