The Two Conscience Gremlins



Angel and Devil Girls (Small)


Standing on the edge,

With the mind lost in thoughts;

The right decision has to be made,

For your life is the cost.

You look for a way out,

But the way would come from within,

The two gremlins residing inside,

One of them is the key to your salvation.

The gremlins being the soft hums,

Neither fighting nor roaring,

One with a devilish laugh,

The other with the halo and wings.

Surprisingly they don’t kill one another,

To swim their way up to the surface

For life would have been easy,

With one of them on blame.

Just a moment do they get

to present their strong case,

You being the ultimate assessor,

The decision is only yours to make.

9 thoughts on “The Two Conscience Gremlins

      1. Inspiration in writing is evasive and slippery. That’s why I keep a small tape recorder and notepad with me at all times, even when swimming. (Joking). But that’s ok. The only way you can find out what is good is to put it out there and get feedback. Frankly, I’m sick of it. Kidding again. Wait until it comes, then follow it fervently to the end.

        1. I would say no, the inspiration isn’t evasive. It’s my thoughts that got evasive and slippery and hence thr words failed ccouldn’t really convey what I wanted to say.
          Ohhhh I just imagined you carrying a tape recorder while swimming ????????????
          And true, the only way it to put it out there and get honest feedback. And I appreciate that you gave me one. Would love it if you would just give my other writings a read too. Let’s see what you have to say about them.

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