The Witty Best Friend


‘Fab as always’ I would say,

When she would ask me ‘How’s everything going?’

And then giving that ‘I know everything’ smile of hers,

She would try to torture the truth out of me, not literally.

I would just sigh for I know,

She can see through me, no denying.

‘I don’t know’ would be the initiative by me,

To let her know that things aren’t okay maybe.

And she would listen without judgments,

Of these stupid, not making any sense theories of me.

But soon enough, when I would realize what I’m doing,

She would know too that it’s time for me to rebound clearly.

She, with her witty nature, would do all the efforts,

To lighten up the situation for me to breathe.

Ask me what she does?

I would tell you she’s an insane and crazy bitch.

For she talks about ‘How I am dying to make her mine’,

And ‘How I’m waiting for her yes surely’.

‘How it’s me who’s always ready to jump on her’

And ‘How I’m desperate for her love truly’.

Ah! And the way she calls these men around me ‘Your Boy Toys’,

And tell me ‘How she would eat them for breakfast’,

She doesn’t want to share me with anyone you see.

She talks about ‘How irresistible I find her to be’,

And the fact that ‘How all my friends know that she belongs to me’.

Truth accepted, Yeah they do,

I’d chose her over any men I knew.

For people who don’t know a thing about you,

But still, know what you want, are not ordinary.