The Woman I Love

Dear Mother
She’s beautiful
A little dark complexion
With beautifully highlighted features
Her arms exposing the stories of her life,
And oh her words, the way they make me smile.
She’s everything you said my life partner should be
Mother, She’s everything I need.
Dear mother,
I am scared
I do not really know how you would feel
Or react perhaps, when the love of my life would you meet.
But didn’t you always tell me that she’s a safe place?
When at the age of 12 you
taught me the difference between a male and a female.
When a ‘girl’ friend meant ‘perfect’
And a ‘guy’ friend meant ‘slut’
Then why today when I am in love with a girl,
Am I looked down upon?
Why is it not okay?
When at the age of 20, it was suddenly okay to bring women inside my bedroom
But not men. . .
Then why when today I want to bring her home,
Is it not okay?
When in 7th standard I walked my way back from school to home,
Were you not the one who said ‘Baby, befriend
girls and do not let any guy travel the distance with you’
Then why when today I want to walk
the aisle of my life with her,
Is it not okay????
You are deemed ‘the perfect girl’ your entire life
for you did exactly what they said,
You had around You more of females
And less of these men called ‘beast’
Then why today when you want that one girl around for the rest of your life,
Is it not okay?
When sharing the same lady’s room is the rule,
When listening to ‘Hey I like your bra’ is the ultimate goal
Then why today when my body aches to touch her, to love her
Is it a sin?
Why is it not Okay?
Dear society,
Love is boundless
Love is the purest form of life
Then why my love is not loving?
Why I have limits, laws claiming me
Holding me in shackles
Why the same girl everyone loved,
The same girl termed pure
Is now a disgrace. . .

4 thoughts on “The Woman I Love

  1. Hey, I do the English scanlation of this series on batoto. Is it okay if I use your scans for a scanlation? And if it is okay, how can I credit you? Also, volume four will come out soon and I would like to compensate you for putting your time and money into scanning for us like this. I could also send you volume four when it comes out or pay for it if you want.

  2. what will happen, when your Goddes wakes up with Real Need & would demand someone like a hummingbird, who can flip 100 times a minute

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